Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Sonogram... From the Wife's 'Point of View"

Some time ago I had come to the conclusion that KL and I would not have a child of our own. It came with a lot of heartache and tears, but I resolved that maybe God had other plans for us. After all, it had been seven years since we lost a baby by miscarriage and were now considered advanced in age and possibly facing infertility. 
It’s been four months since KL and I learned we are expecting our first child and four days since learning we’re having a little girl. It all still seemed so surreal to me until the day I saw her playing with her hands on the ultrasound monitor.

Unlike KL, who had as much difficulty as if he were trying to decipher a Rorschach test, I could now see she has the form of a real baby; not just a blurb on the screen. I could count her fingers and toes. I could see her little legs, and before the nurse announced I could tell she is a she. 

Prior to the ultrasound I wasn't sure if the occasional poking inside was in fact her movements. Now, I know they are. She must have been annoyed by the prodding of the wand because the doctor said she wouldn't stay still in order for her to capture all the images needed to complete the anatomy scan. I could actually feel her moving around inside during the process. Now, what used to be a flutter once a day has turned into all day entertainment of somersaults in my belly; a sensation I’m still getting used to.

I think about what it will feel like to hold our daughter for the first time. I can’t wait to give her kisses and hugs and never want to put her down. I look forward to hearing her tiny cries, baby cooing, messy diapers, and my lack of sleep.

God knows how grateful I am for this blessing. I haven’t stopped smiling; even through tears.

Tiffany Braxton Belvin

If you missed our announcement of our baby girl on our weekly radio show "Reality and Relationship Every Thursday 8-10 pm est.

Here is what you missed. 

10/24/2013 The Making Marriage Cool Again Seminar and Baby Announcement

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's Sonogram

Forgot how great naps were, needed one today

Seeing the sonogram of our baby today brought so many emotions to the forefront. I was excited for my wife and myself. I was even more excited to learn about the gender of the baby, which was??? (Tune into our Thursday radio show to learn for yourself. LOL 8-10pm). I found myself, thanking the Lord for answering our prayers, knowing how much Tiff and I prayed after losing our first child 7 years ago. There was the excitement of how the family was going to react with the news.

As the thoughts rolled the next to show up were the emotions of sadness; I found myself wishing my grandmother was here so I could share this news with her. Sitting with her and talking about her prayers for her family being answered once again. She always wanted the best for her family before herself. I felt sad for my wife, because I knew her mother was excited about being a grandmother for the first time. Plus my wife would get so enamored with the idea of her mother's reaction to the pregnancy.
It was then onto the feeling of determination. The thoughts hit me hard; I have to be more of a protector for this child and my wife. The blessing was given and now I have the responsibility of making sure both are cared for no matter what the cost to myself. All my business ventures have to be on point. Risk vs Rewards have to be weighed from the door. I have to make sure my books, my writing, peaking and all business ventures are thought provoking and honor the Lord, if I am going to care for this family. My body has to change and healthier is one of the goals to make sure I am here for as long as I can be for all the members of my family not just the baby. 

The next feeling was remorse. I thought about some of my other children, who for the reasons I mentioned in my book "From From Gigolo to Jesus", placed me outside the loop in their lives for different amounts of time. In turn it cause me to missed this point in their lives. Not all of my children but enough to touch my heart strings. I thought about how my ungodly actions from when I didn't know the Lord allowed me to create children who I weren't there for. Actions which didn't allow me to be there with them or their mothers during this process of the pregnancy. 

I guess that is why I needed the nap this afternoon when I got home. The one thing I do know is the Lord allows you to learn from your experiences so when its time to work from his grace you'll pull from what you once were. I thank the Lord for all the negatives which once filled my life for now they allow me to be the man, father, author, businessman, teacher and husband I think he could be proud of. 

Either way the real work started the minute I said "Lord forgive me for my sins and I accept your son Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior". I am going to end on that fact and go hard each day to make a difference so folks can see the God I serve in my actions.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our radio shows of the last two weeks on GeeQue Palace Radio

Each week Tiff and I do our best to bring interesting radio to the airwaves. Its our way of giving back some of what the Lord has given us. Reality and Relationships airs each Thursday from 8-10 pm on GeeQue Palace Radio   

We ask that you listen the shows and pass on the links and information to others. This is our ministry and our movement to make relationships and marriages cool again. Leave a message to tell us what you thought of the show. If you would to be a guess you leave us a message at (347) 709-7696

October 17, We did part of one of popular seminar "Making Marriage Cool Again" the handbook will be ready in 2014. Check out part part 1.. You can listen to part two on 10/24/13

The previous week 10/10/2013 we covered "Etiquette" A Lost Art. Tiffany enjoyed this subject.. I had to warm up to it.

Remember to check out and like our Making Marriage Cool Again Facebook page to keep up on the updates of "Baby Belvin" our expected bundle of joy. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

This week's radio show "Reality and Relationships" on GeeQue Palace Radio

Each week, Tiff and I do what we can to present the work with the our take on how to fix and address the problems in relationship into today's society. We are on every Thursday night from 8pm - 10pm on GeeQue Palace Radio.

This week we discussed a few topics, one of the main topics was; If your significant others best friend made a pass at you. Would you tell your significant other of the advance?

Make sure you tune in each week. Please share our information with others. If they miss the show the who will be posted  on this site as well as Make sure your friends do the same thing. By listening to the show our totals increase and this allows the radio station to conduct business with other outlets.

What a week.. The memorial was great.

It has been an incredible week. As many of you know we had the memorial for Tiff's mother. 

We wanted to have a home going celebration done the right way. We told everyone who attended this is party so no sad faces. So after the dedication we are going to party as if Tiff's mother, Ina, was still with us. Folks did what we asked and we had a great day. 

Here is a link to the pictures of the day's events. The photos were taken by Michelle Wild of MWild Potography Please tell her K. L. and Tiffany referred you. 

One of the highlights of the day was Tiff's father, Alfred, showing everyone his unique dance moves. 
I had to put this video together. 

The DJ was a friend of mine,, DJ Scratch and Big Brother Max... If you need them for your next party please reach out to my brother Robert Perry and inquire about your event. 

We also had the event catered by another friend of mine, Jahvel Frasor. Who is an incredible young chef. His company Trust in Catering did a great job with the fixings. You can check them out on their recent visit to NY radio station Hot 97... You see the food is no joke!!!

Its always tough to say good bye,, but to see my wife as calm as she was. I know we did the right thing for her mother's memory.