Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I need your help to get Tiff to ATL

God Bless everyone. I thank you for coming by our Marriage Blog.

 I need Your Help. I am going to do something I know my wife Tiffany Braxton Belvin is not going to like but I am saying I am sorry up front.
As many of you know she is representing the state of New York in the Miss American Beauties Plus Pageant. 

In 21 days she is set to head to ATL to do her best at winning the title. Last year she was the NY representative and because of my personal circumstances she wasn't able to go. She helped me while I was on personal leave from teaching. I know she was hurt by not be able to make it but she wanted to hold things down. It hurt me to not be able to change that fact.

Well it looks as if some personal and business problems of her own has created a problem with her going to the pageant. As much as she doesn't want me to say or do anything outside of our home, I love her to much not to try what I can to help her with her dreams. I love her too much to see her sadden by something I know she wants badly which is just outside her reach.

This is where I need the help of everyone on my page all 3800+ on my page and the 2000+ on hers. I need everyone If you can to give $1 or $2 or any amount you're OK with to help me raise enough money in 20 days to sent my wife to ATL for this pageant. I am sorry if this sounds crazy or even disrespectful, I am doing what I can at school and with Bravin Publishing to raise whatever possible to get her to the pageant. I humbly ask everyone for help and as well as pray for us to pull this off. Tiff is not one to ask anyone for anything and I too can be strong willed but this request is not for me.

I have a donation link here on our Making Marriage Cool Again page in the upper left hand corner of the page.  I am going to use it since I didn't set one up just for this situation. Please pray for us. I am going to make this happen for my wife in whatever way I can. So again I ask please pray for us, I am sure if its for her to do the Lord will make a way.

God Bless you all