Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gift Giving & The Art Work We've Had Done By JNess

As a married couple much of the success Tiffany and I have in marriage started in dating. With our gift giving we decided not to give gifts just because something was new, hot or considered the next best thing. We gave gifts because of the connection to the gift and to each other.

In dating I loved to see my wife smile so I loved surprising her. I knew of a talented designer who created works for full figured women. His name is JNess. Because of he fondness of creating fantastic depictions of full figured women, I had came to enjoy his work. After sending him the pictures I wanted him to work with he created these two pictures for me,,

Tiff was blown away when she received the gift. I loved the way JNess captures her beauty. These were the first in our personal art collection. Well, my vanity wouldn't allow me to stand on the outside looking in. So I contacted JNess again, this time it was for selfish reason. I commissioned Brother Jean again to do some work on a picture of myself. My only fear was I hadn't see any pictures Jness had done of men.. But I trusted his talents. Here is the design he created from the picture I sent him.. I loved the look..

You see when you send JNess the photo he then creates his version of what he sees from your picture. He might change the background add a touch of his talent here and there but all for a positive outcome. When he's done you'll be blow away as  Tiff and I had been.

In 2007 when Tiff and I got married. We decided we weren't going to tell each other what we were giving as marriage gifts. In thinking hard about what to get the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I decided to contact JNess again. This time on a very important project. He had come through before so I figured it can't hurt to trust him again. I sent him a picture Tiff and I had taken at a wedding of friend. Well, with a few changes to the background, JNess hit another home run,, Here is the work he completed for me to give to my brand new wife... 

As you see his work was on point. Now here is the kicker; the original background was on a roof since that is where the wedding was. JNess created the Italy background on his own and it looked tremendous. His talent is unquestionable. JNess has been a major part of our relationship and we offer his services to anyone looking to have great work done. 

In any relationship there are things which will mean more to you and your partner than anyone on the planet. To Tiff and I these portraits are a creative look to our love for each other to enjoy. 

Please remember to contact JNess and Tell hime Tiff and I refered you.

God Bless. 

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  1. This is a wonderful article and a tremendous salute to true love. I am happy that my artwork was part of the narrative and testimony of a blessed and Godly union between two fabulous people!