Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making Decisions In The Marriage.

In any marriage decisions have to be made. They will sometimes be very difficult ones which at the time may not make sense to anyone but you and your spouse. Don't worry. Before you two seek outside counsel on what the you need sit down with each other and the Lord. Yes, talk to each and then talk to the Lord together. Praying together over big decisions is adding to the positive outcome. God protects marriages and looks over husbands and wives.

Now if your not a believer in God the messages doesn't have to be lost. What I said before the spiritual part still stands on its own merit. Close ranks and consider what is best for the two of you before you allow others to have say in your union.

Now I am not talking about what to have for dinner. Even though that can create a war or two. I am talking about life changing decisions. Where will we live? Should I leave my job? Should we start a business? Things which have the potential of putting a great amount of stress on the marriage.

Also, make sure you two have taking the time to listen each other's points on the matter. Give each other a chance to have their say on the matter. Decisions have to be shared and so does communication. There is no crystal ball to the outcome but I can promise you this, you'll be better prepared to deal with the negative or positive outcomes when you cling closer to your spouse and the Lord in your decision.

I pray this helps someone. I know it has helped Tiffany and I.

God Bless.

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